Big Bear Lake|Wakeboarding

One day I woke up and realized that it’s almost the end of summer. What does it mean? No more water sports! So on a whim I decided to make a trip up to Big Bear Lake to take advantage of the glorious So-Cal weather, warm temps = warm water (so I thought). Our spontaneous trip started with a call to my long time patient Marcio. We’ve talked about going to Big Bear last summer but we totally missed the warm season then. So this time without hesitancy we decided to make the drive up. Vicky called her best friend Michelle who happened to move to LA just days ago. Since she was new to the area, we decided it was perfect to bring her along to enjoy the So-Cal lifestyle!

We met Marcio at the docks along with the first mate Louie. Louie had a fresh summer haircut just for us. Being about 85 degrees outside, I was surprised the water was a bit cold. Luckily the adrenaline of never been wakeboarding before kept me warm (at least temporarily).
Marcio gave us the advice of bringing the “heels to the butt” so when you get pulled, your center of gravity will be closer to the water. The first try I was able to get up on top of the water, but I only lasted a few seconds. Then I had a few gulps of the fine lake water for refreshments as and landed face first into the water. I realized that wearing gloves gave you better grip when it comes to holding on the to cable.

The second try was a little bit better as I lasted a few more seconds. One of the things I realized is that when you get knocked down, it is kind of hard turn yourself around while attached to the wakeboard. You end up looking like a turtle struggling to turn himself over. With a little help from the others, I was able to flip back right and try wakeboarding a few more times. The last time was a charm as I was able to hang on for about 15 seconds before falling down. With lake water all in my ears, nose, and lungs, I decided I was done.

Then it was Vicky’s turn. She did surprisingly well for her first time too, although she struggled like a turtle as well for part of the time. She had a successful run lasting for a few seconds before falling in.

Michelle was hesitant at first considering that she doesn’t know how to swim. Luckily for peer pressure she decided to have a go with the board. Again the turtle comes out as soon as we end up in the water. The wakeboard is quite heavy once it’s in the water. We had to circle the boat a few times to line Michelle up to go. But when we did, she also was able to get up out of the water. All in all we had a fun and successful day.
One of the things they don’t tell you after wakeboarding is how sore your whole body feels, especially the arms. You don’t realize how much strength you use while you’re struggling to hold onto the rope until the end of the day. It was tough holding on to the steering while driving home that night.

With love, Clement