Port of LA Lobster Festival|Nom Nom Nom

Lobster is such a universal food! No matter you’re Chinese, Japanese, American or Mexican, lobster speaks to us all! By us, I meant our stomach. My work sent me to cover the Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival last Friday, looks like working on a Friday isn’t so bad after all. IMG_4691This lobster festival made Guinness World Record for serving the most lobsters, 32,000 and counting! They are all Maine lobsters flown in fresh the day of the festival. You can definitely taste the fresh, juicy, tender and sweet two-pound pure goodness (and happiness)!IMG_4688
IMG_4692IMG_4695They cooked the lobster in a big hot pot right on the spot, and you get it right away! The lobsters get a super hot bath of five minutes, and then we’re good to go!IMG_4709 IMG_4710

Who’s hungry?! I love when food is prepared fresh in front of you! The simple answer sometimes is the best answer. Lobsters were served on a tray with some other sides cafeteria style, reminds me of those street food booths in China. I definitely enjoy food better without the fanciness. When I got my lobsters, I broke into my happy dance!
IMG_4703 IMG_4732 IMG_4735

With love,