Dallas, Texas|Big Hur Don’t Cur

Friday morning we fly to Dallas, Texas for the boyfriend’s birthday!
Who come to Texas for Oyster?!
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Saturday morning we attended a wedding at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. It was so serene and pretty! We had a bench picnic. Seems like birthday picnic is becoming our tradition, since we did the same thing for my birthday in Sand Hollow State Park in Utah.
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Time for some real Texas barbeque on a lazy Sunday!
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Then we toured Dallas Museum of Modern Art. Which part of the exhibit I enjoyed the most you ask?! Probably the gift shop. That says a lot. Lol.
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We also watched Interstellar. It’s brilliant! I love the movie so much that I want to watch it again (also that I can understand some of the spacey stuff better.)
That was our past week, like a grain of sand in the dessert. I don’t know if anyone will come across this blog and read our lives through these pictures. But we’re that grain of sand. No more and no less.

With love,