Dallas, Texas|You Can’t Buy Happiness But You Can Buy BBQ

We were so inspired (and confused) by Interstellar, we decided to check out Dallas Natural History Museum! This brought back fun memories of my high school science classes!IMG_2345 IMG_2341
Yes! I think that one would look really good on my finger!
IMG_2353 IMG_2358
I even spotted this little guy! Honey badger, my favorite animal in the whole wide world!IMG_2361 IMG_2365
Real Texas ribs!
IMG_2370 IMG_2374 IMG_2376 IMG_2379
We then went shooting! That what you gotta do in Texas! Time to take advantage of the automatic machine guns!
IMG_2393 IMG_2384 IMG_2385 IMG_2392 IMG_2388 IMG_2396
Not to bad huh?! The boyfriend tried one with silencer! It was sick!

Happy birthday to Clement and happy half birthday to me! Our birthdays are exactly six months apart. So every time we celebrate a birthday, we’re really celebrating 1.5 birthdays!
IMG_2398 IMG_2400
More ribs please! This is got to be the best ribs I’ve ever had in my life!
IMG_2424 IMG_2423 IMG_2422 IMG_2418
Six Floor Museum. I’m a conspiracy theory believer. What about you?
IMG_2429 IMG_2431 IMG_2442 IMG_2441
IMG_2463 IMG_2436
Then we fancyed up and had dinner at The French Room.

With love,