The Proposal in the Rain

Planning the proposal of a lifetime to the girl of my dreams was an exciting experience. It started with all sorts of ideas floating in my head. We enjoyed many activities togethers including skiing, ice skating, playing in the rain, traveling. I had contemplated proposing with flash mob while ice skating, driving to a road trip and proposing in the middle of nowhere, which Vicky disapproved because she thought they were cliche.

Luckily I heard of this art installation called the Rain Room about 6 months before it was coming to LA. I knew it was the perfect event because Vicky loves the rain, but with LA being in a drought, it would be impossible to plan. The demand for the rain room was crazy when it was in New York, people had to wait over 8 hours to get in! That scared me, but luckily I was able to make it happen. I was able to get special reservations for 3 tickets, 2 for us and one for a secret photographer. It was scheduled on my birthday.

It had to be a surprise the whole time, which was difficult because Vicky would always ask me what do I have planned and when! And she wanted it to be a special meaningful date. She kept asking me what I wanted to do for my birthday, I kept telling her I didn’t know.

On November 10th, I took her to Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. We waited in line for our turn in the Rain Room nervously with the ring in my pocket, which our secret photographer unknown to Vicky was waiting in line ahead of us. When we were let in, we walked around playing in the rain. Then it was all a blur. I dropped to my knee and asked Vicky a couple questions, one of them including “will you marry me?” All while the secret photographer was documenting the process. It was a success of course because Vicky said yes! (Honestly it would be hard to say no to the gorgeous two-carat ring.) And all the planning came through with nice pictures to show! It was the best birthday present I could ever ask for!

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With love,