Hello there,

This is Vicky and Clement. We came from two ends of the earth to meet the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles. Clement is a naturopathic doctor changing lives one patient at a time and Vicky is a news anchor at a local TV station and a secret Martha Stewart wanna-be. Clement is Vicky’s health coach and Vicky is Clement’s fashion police.

We’re not your typical cliche city couple. We enjoy taking adventurous road trips off the beaten path, driving ATV and getting suck in sand dunes, spending the day on the powdery slope in skis and firing hundreds of rounds of ammo into oranges, watermelons and clay targets. We’re not foodies, but we just like to eat good food. Our favorite TV show of all time is, The Office. JAM is the our life goal.

We live together in a giant fortified bubble rolling through the world together. (Not sure what a bubble is? Click here ) Through this blog you will be granted exclusive access into this private bubble. Enjoy!

With love from LA,
Vicky & Clement